Strengthening of estreneurship


For over than 40 years strengthening entrepreneurship and boosting the Brazilian economy.

The Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service, Sebrae, is a private entity that promotes the competitiveness and sustainable development of micro and small businesses – those with annual gross revenues of up to R$ 3.6 million.

For over 40 years, focusing on strengthening the entrepreneurship and the accelerating the process of economy formalization through partnerships with the public and private sectors, training programs, access to credit and to innovation, encouragement of cooperativism, fairs and business roundtables.

The solutions developed by Sebrae meet since a entrepreneur who wants to open its first business, until small businesses that are already consolidated and seeking for a new positioning on the market.

To ensure the assistance to small business, Sebrae act all over Brazil. Where there is Brazil, there is Sebrae. In addition to the national headquarters in Brasilia, the institution has points of assistance in all 27 Brazilian States , where courses, seminars, consultancy and technical assistance for small businesses of all sectors are offered.

In the whole country, more than 5 thousand direct employees and about 8 thousand consultants and accredited instructors work to transmit knowledge to anyone who has or want to open a company. To learn more about Sebrae you just have to go to the website.