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Knowlwdge into action

Given a new meaning to entrepreneurship

A fresh look for entrepreneurship that inspires and performs an attitude change, capable of transforming the reality of people and businesses. Undertake is the action that rescues people’s belief in their ability to create something valuable. Come to this world of change and experience to undertake a new way of thinking that encourages the imagination, lets ambition fly and foster habits that will achieve success, regardless of the path they choose or where to start.


Unique material made available by Sebrae for you to go deeper on entrepreneurship.

Sebrae Academy

A platform that connects young people into the world of entrepreneurship.

Videos and Tips

A space for viewing and sharing videos with studies, testimonials, and success stories.

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CER - Sebrae Reference Center on Entrepreneurial Education

Our digital platform for studies, research, tools and technologies on entrepreneurship education.


Get to know the Hybrid Teaching, the teaching methodology of the new generation that stimulates the entrepreneurial culture, the creativity and search for solutions.