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O Cesbrasil

On October 1995 CESBRASIL – Centro Brasileiro das Empresas Simuladas (Brazilian Center of Practice Enterprises, in english) was established, aiming to coordinate the net-based Practice Enterprises’ activities.

CESBRASIL has as its main goal to support all Practice Enterprises in Brazil regarding logistics and operations. Possibilities are created so they can have their activities inserted into a technical, economic and social context as close as possible to the business reality. Thus, it is emulated throughout the business landscape, enabling national and international transactions through the simulation of private and government agencies, institutions and banks.

It also aims to expand the Practice Enterprises network, transferring the methodology to educational institutions who endeavor to offer competitive advantages at the educational market.

In January 1999, CESBRASIL had its registration accepted at the EUROPEN (World Wide Practice Enterprise Network) – becoming its sole and exclusive representative in Brazil – to allow International negotiations between the 7,000 companies of the global network. CESBRASIL is currently under the management of the Sebrae Minas’ Unity for Education, Entrepreneurship and Cooperativism.

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