A methodology that, like all good ideas, have very simple principles. They are companies that should survive and profit, buying and selling like a real business, but everything happens in a emulated environment.

Criação da Empresa Simuladas

With the aid of a teacher, students take part on a roadmap to create their own company, taking into account the needs of the market and the tools made available by the simulated environment.

The Teacher and the students list possible business opportunities for the Practice Enterprise.

Creation of a business plan based on risks, competitors,customer profiles, marketing strategies and financial plan.

Business Ideas are developed within the simulated network, which makes more easy to define the more attractive area to all the members of the company.

Once the business plan is approved, an action plan is prepared and functions are delegated for each member of the company.

Plano de Ação

At this stage the area of operation of each student within the Practice Enterprise is set along with the teacher. During the execution of the project, a student rotation is set, so they can experience all sectors.

  • Staff Hiring
  • Team Monitoring
  • Employees Assessment
  • Among other actions...
  • Market Plan
  • New products development
  • Promotional material
  • Customer Assistance
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Among other actions...
  • Company Budgets
  • Receivables and Payables
  • Financial Reports
  • Tax Payment
  • Accounting Statement
  • Among other actions...
  • Management report
  • Supplier Registration
  • Negotiate the terms and conditions of purchase
  • Purchase Flow Management
  • Among other actions...
  • Sales program preparation
  • Goals follow up
  • Distribution channels management
  • Customers Relationship
  • Among other actions...
  • Stock Turn indicator
  • Inventory
  • Flowcharting
  • Among other actions...
  • Import
  • Export
  • International market analysis
  • Trade in purchases or sales
  • Among other actions...

Everything happens at a virtual environment but with real experiences.

The teacher who guides the project plays the role of the Practice Enterprise’s CEO. It is him who defines the goals that will be charged from the students which play the role of employees.

The goals are fundamental so the students
are always in action and committed.

As the Company’s CEO, the teacher simulates the Board of Trade and generates the Federal Tax Number (CNPJ, in Brazil)

Their role are as the company employees and have their roles set, going through a “job rotation”.

Products or services that will be purchased as stock (price, description and photos)

The price of products or services offered by the Company are set and a description of each is created.

The system automatically generates a virtual store for starting the sales, employees conduct searches, select companies and start pouring the trading activities of, marketing, restocking, financial control, among others.

The system generates a fictitious bank account for the company, for the teacher (CEO) and for each student (employee).

Before sending a communication to the Cesbrasil stating its deactivation, all costs of the company shall be paid and cleared from the system.